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Welcome to Timbertree Academy

A Message from Miss Green and Miss Phipps

A very warm Happy New Year to you all. The New Year marks a new start: lots of new enriched learning experiences, some new routines and expectations and new people. We are delighted to welcome our new children and families across school and look forward to welcoming our new children and families when our new provision for 2 year olds opens shortly. We may have to undertake a consultation with parents and carers before this can open. As you and your children take their first steps along their education journey, we hope it will be a journey both full of treasured memories and an outstanding learning experience.

 What our parents thought about the self-evaluation evening...

"Well done, you are a fantastic school and I am proud my children come here. Well done, big thank you."


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  • Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of all our children, focussing on all essential core subjects.


  • Policies

Look through our range of different policies and procedures to ensure our children achieve the very best.


  • Inclusion

We are an inclusive school welcoming all students and staff, respecting traditions and learning from each other.


  • School Performance

Timbertree Academy is a new school and has yet to receive an OFSTED report. You can however view OFSTED's report from 2011.


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